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The Very Stuffy Nose

Available on Amazon in paperback or for the Kindle app.  Also available on Apple Books and Google Play.  Bulk orders are best purchased through our website.

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The Very Stuffy Nose is a 34-page, 11" x 8.5", paperback book telling the story of a boy who starts breathing through his mouth after getting a cold. His habitual mouth breathing leads to long term nasal congestion which also affects his ability to smell. Join Finn on this journey as he discovers how to unstuff his stuffy nose and find new favorite scents along the way. See if you can find the lizard, baseball, and cat every time you turn the page.

This story educates on the consequences of mouth breathing and the benefits of breathing through the nose. In addition to being a decongestion suggestion, the author, Kelley Richardson, details her own experience as a parent struggling to help her young son with chronic congestion, inflammation, poor sleep and restlessness. Kelley hopes to spark awareness of how simple changes in breathing and sleep can result in positive improvements in behavior, growth and development.

Habit Helper

Habit Helper

Habits takes time... to develop and to break. Making the transition from a mouth breather to a nose breather is a worthwhile goal and will yield many different health benefits over a lifetime. Getting started earlier, the better.

To help ensure this effort isn't wasted but leads to lasting change, a Habit Helper is an effective tool using repetition and accountability. 

This Nasal Breathing Habit Helper was designed for children as an interactive add-on to The Very Stuffy Nose.

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